The essence of your products?

Naturally, extracts

With each passing year, customers are more and more willing to go for natural products bearing bio labels. At the same time, they want them to be effective: to moisturize and tighten the skin and shallow wrinkles. You can respond to the customers’ needs in only one way: by combining these elements. Base your cosmetics on naturally sourced, lab-tested extracts that are inherently effective.

The essence of your products?

From ecologically clean Roztocze

We obtained the raw material for the extract using the power of an invasive plant that came to Europe directly from the Himalayas.

Extraction method

We don't want to lose a bit of the power of the essence. That's why we extract everything important using an innovative ultrasound-assisted extraction method (USAE ultrasound-assisted extraction).

Efficient by nature

Only 100 milligrams of lyophilisate is needed to prepare a liter of cosmetics.



Our product is characterized by uniqueness. Its effectiveness is backed by research. It has a real impact on the market and consumers. We look for the ingredients in the closest nature, and we extract the most valuable using our own and innovative ultrasound extraction technology.